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Looking for a good (ideally off-site) backup tool, because everybody should backup their data (even you!), I stumbled across a fine solution called CrashPlan. It works on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows as well.

The cool thing about it is that is work as a private/internal backup completely free. Just install the client on your PCs (or even your friends PC) and start backing up between them (quite conveniently).

In addition you can purchase cloud storage to backup your stuff off-site. I am just checking it out (including 30 day free trail for web storage). Maybe you should do it too: www.crashplan.com

having that out of the way, back to the topic of which I have started writing:

In addition to the Desktop client CrashPlan also offers a headless (without GUI) server client. It’s perfect for a NAS or home server.
The cool thing is that you can connect to the server win the desktop client via SSL tunnel. For detailed instruction read this official support article: http://support.crashplan.com/doku.php/how_to/configure_a_headless_client

To streamline the process of connecting to a server I wrote a small bash script which connects you to you server and starts the client.

CrashPlan on Ubuntu

CrashPlan on Ubuntu

To download the script and read instructions visit my post on forrst: http://forr.st/~0ot

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(I am not affiliated with CrashPlan in any way. I just like their service.)

Hey world,
after restarting my work on OpenX (formerly known as Gnome Open) today I came to a central question.
Is OpenX still needed in Thunderbird/Firefox 3. I installed the latest version today and everything (filetype association) seemed fine.
So please report your experiences especially with the new version of Thunderbird. Is the “problem” now fixed out of the box? Is Thunderbird your files correctly/like nautilus? Are there some features future versions of OpenX should include?
Contact me via Launchpad (http://launchpad.net/openx), on our blog (http://opencoding.wordpress.com/gnomeopen/) or on the Mozilla Thunderbird Addon page (http://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/12523/).

Thanks for your help,


PS: Patched version for TB 3.1 now online.


I recently opened a project on lauchpad.net. Now you can track our releases, suggest new features and report bugs. btw I renamed the addon from “GnomeOpen” to “OpenX”. This is going to be used from the 1.0 release on. (Why? To show that the addon shouldn´t be gnome only anymore. Got some requests for KDE and XFCE.)

As you may know, our plan is to release one last pre 1.0 release soon. It should just add some more compatibility and bugfixes.

So suggest features and check for latest project developments here:


See you soon,


Quick Update



Some quick updates for all off you. We have some cool posts and project on the shelf.
For all of you waiting for a next version of gnome-open I can say that we will release one soon. It will be 0.9.5 and should only include greater compatibility and bug-fixes. That’s it.
Everything else will come in 1.0, later this year.

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I am still working on a simple python script to collect some random data from some logging devices. One of these is a simple weather station which writes its data into a dBase file. Nothing special until now. The date field is a wierd-looking float number like this: 40313,558333333. After some research i found out that this is a somehow .NET specific date format called: OLE. It’s also used in some databases.

Now the real question was how to convert it in a usual datetime object. The answer is amazingly simple:

OLE_TIME_ZERO = datetime.datetime(1899, 12, 30, 0, 0, 0)

def convert(oledate):
return OLE_TIME_ZERO + datetime.timedelta(days=float(oledate))

Really stupid, but hey its .NET. :D

Happy coding,



Hosting company INGATE is going to give away 55 awsome vservers for free. AMAZING! For everybody interested her a link to the contest:


Good luck,


Great News!

Ubuntu 10.04 is on its way. “Lucid Lynx” will be the next LTS Version of Ubuntu. According to their website there will be some amazing new features. So stay tuned and download Ubuntu 10.04 on 29.04.2010.

Ubuntu: For Desktops, Servers, Netbooks and in the cloud


PS: The ugly orange-brow theme will be gone! :D


I´ve finally made the next version of my Thunderbird addon Gnome Open. It is now compatible with Thunderbird 3.0.

Check it out!

I will work on the 1.0 Version soon. This should include an even better integration with gnome, while showing the application it is going to use. Also it shouldn´t be “expirimental” anymore.
Thanks for the requests to all of you.


PS: What do you think about the new blog theme?


here is a little tip for all of you. After installing Ubuntu 9.10 on my notebook I noticed that the notifications appere with a bigger space to the top. In my opinion this is really annoying so I searched for a quick fix. Here it is:

Just update the notification system with a modified version (really simple):

-> notifly-osd



Hopefully this helps you.

Good luck,

Hi there,

I just wanna report on some recent projects. We working on a webbased News system which Displays News in a TV screen for public information. It will Be Based on a BeagleBoard with debian and an own displaying application.

We will publish some more Info soon.



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